low elixir defence problems

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low elixir defence problems

ViestiKirjoittaja JensenBreck » Ti Marras 14, 2017 9:48


The problem I face is the effectiveness of ice spirit, skeletons, knight and archers, this defense can deal with every deck I have tried to beat it with. its such low cost and is way too effective.

knight needs its hit points nerfed or possibly made to cost 4 elixir if no changes
ice spirit for 1 elixir is just crazy in my opinion, maybe change it to a slow down effect rather than a freeze effect

if I'm honest I don't see the skeletons and archers needing a nerf they just work stupidly effectively with the other 2 cards above,

whats your opinions people? also any1 know of any effective decks to counter this defense?


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