Creating a custom silver coin

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Creating a custom silver coin

ViestiKirjoittaja JensenBreck » Pe Joulu 08, 2017 8:16

Hi all,

As the title suggests, myself and some friends are looking into creating our own silver round. We have found a mint we like and the prices seem reasonable - this is our first time stepping into this field so we're obviously quite ignorant of what to do.

So we understand we need to come up with a design, none of us are designers so does anyone have any suggestions to who we could use for this - and if there's anything we need to look out for?

In terms of making the die, I know the mint can do this for us, but is there a cheaper alternative we could employ to save money?

Also any advice to first timers would be really appreciated, I'm sure there are many pit falls we're likely to fall into seeing as it's untouched territory for us, some friendly advice would be very welcome

For more details:

startup animation

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