Start of the bull market in Gold and Silver

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Start of the bull market in Gold and Silver

ViestiKirjoittaja JensenBreck » Ma Joulu 11, 2017 14:30

Hi everyone,

I write knowing full well, paper is paper, electronic trading platforms are vapor and the only real silver and gold, are physical silver and gold. I have mentioned often enough, I collect (you call it stacking) but I also rely on paper trading to achieve and support a certain lifestyle, as well as support my psychological needs. That said, (excuses-excuses), we all like to make money. Those of us who are playing / trading mining stocks and paper metals watch everything. Lately, although long term fundamentals haven't changed, maybe gotten more ominous, fundamentals have been playing tricks. For example, this past week's announcement by several Fed.members that they were leaning to raising I rates .25 in June, somehow was viewed by the markets that it's bad for Gold and Silver, so they sunk along with a deeper dive by the miners. Well--I think it's safe to say, these fundamentals have NOTHING to do with what happened to Gold and Silver! I say this knowing the initial start of the bull market in Gold and Silver was sparked when the first I rate change was whispered months ago. Why should THIS I rate rise of .25 cause the opposite effect that the initial I rate rise had?

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