Quests need a big ramp up.

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Quests need a big ramp up.

ViestiKirjoittaja JensenBreck » Ti Marras 14, 2017 9:47


But this is not the only issue. My second account has been working on opening a SMC quest chest since the actual update almost (it was the 2ND chest in the cycle) and with only 1 quest per day to gain points to open it, its going to be at least 1 more week if I'm able to complete a quest every single day. It takes way too long to unlock the chest simply put.

1 quest per day to open a chest that requires 25 quests worth of points....come on SC, you can do better than this. Progression is a multi year journey as it is. Increasing the amount of quests players can get each day will not have a huge impact on progression but it will keep the game more entertaining for longer amounts of time. As it is now at 1 quest a day, which could be just a silly free gift for a whole week is just boring and doesn't add enough replay value.


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