Turkish Handicrafts

Monilla lienee muitakin käsityöharrastuksia kuin helmityöt ja korut. Muut kädentaidot -osio on varattu sekalaisille kädentaitojutuille (neulonta, huovutus, paperiaskartelu jne.)

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Turkish Handicrafts

Post by kevinmanuel » Wed Mar 21, 2018 13:01


I belong to a group of fiber artists, and I'm interested in Turkish handicrafts.I'd appreciate some suggestions of what small, relatively inexpensive, not-mass-produced handicrafts I might bring back as gifts for the other artists in my group and where I might find them. I'm especially interested in anything (materials or completed products) made of fiber--fabric, thread, yarn and paper.I've learned a lot from lurking in this forum so thanks to all. By this time next week, I'll be in Istanbul! any suggestion.?

Please help.

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