High elves on the alliance?

Monilla lienee muitakin käsityöharrastuksia kuin helmityöt ja korut. Muut kädentaidot -osio on varattu sekalaisille kädentaitojutuille (neulonta, huovutus, paperiaskartelu jne.)

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High elves on the alliance?

Post by JensenBreck » Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:23


Move over night elves (don't really care that much about you any more, you were a placeholder) and welcome the high elves coming home. Although they have a twist to them now that is known as void elves, they have been linked with the alliance. And nightborne with the horde (a fair trade if you ask me) hordies can get some night elf lore they can attach to, and finally we can have access to high elves.


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