Why can't this game die already?

Monilla lienee muitakin käsityöharrastuksia kuin helmityöt ja korut. Muut kädentaidot -osio on varattu sekalaisille kädentaitojutuille (neulonta, huovutus, paperiaskartelu jne.)

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Why can't this game die already?

Post by JensenBreck » Thu Nov 16, 2017 14:50


This game is a big cash grab. More than half the cards aren't viable. Matchmaking is with out a doubt rigged for players who don't spend money. Good luck getting past 4k without spending. Instead of releasing new cards, you should seriously consider making the current ones viable, because spamming cycle cards and hog is not fun. It's always the same thing, somebody who has spent 20k to show everyone who's boss. You can't progress at all basically after passing 4k cups. You tubers keep making low quality videos that are always the same. There just needs to be something implemented that makes the game seem to always be changing.


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