What about a safety net for the RNG Boxes ?

Monilla lienee muitakin käsityöharrastuksia kuin helmityöt ja korut. Muut kädentaidot -osio on varattu sekalaisille kädentaitojutuille (neulonta, huovutus, paperiaskartelu jne.)

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What about a safety net for the RNG Boxes ?

Post by JensenBreck » Tue Nov 28, 2017 15:10


I'm thinking about that for a long time now and since NCsoft always wants to put these RNG boxes in the shop maybe we could talk about a "safety net" system... I played a lot of MMO's and played a lot of games on mobile (not only candy crush... but also CH/KR/JP Mobile MMO's ^^) and RNG is a big part of this market and NCSOFT love to put RNG in their games.

Some Mobile games use a "safety net" system to grant things from the RNG boxes or Summons even if you have no luck.


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