Can we please have an accessories only pack this unvault?

Monilla lienee muitakin käsityöharrastuksia kuin helmityöt ja korut. Muut kädentaidot -osio on varattu sekalaisille kädentaitojutuille (neulonta, huovutus, paperiaskartelu jne.)

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Can we please have an accessories only pack this unvault?

Post by JensenBreck » Wed Nov 29, 2017 13:47


So afaik we are getting 3 frames unvaulting this time(Frost, Ember and Loki/Rhino) and that means 3 prime accessories. My best guess is that the pricing would be 40$ for one pack and 80$ if you buy all 3 together.

But the thing is that literally everyone has a frost prime that they got for free and most players already have other frames. It would be a good idea to release an accessories only pack as it would most likely increase sales of these packs plus the players that already have all these dont have to keep a duplicate of the same frame/weapon they already got 5-6 forma'd.


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