Melting Seed Beads is Fun.....!

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Melting Seed Beads is Fun.....!

Post by JensenBreck » Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:18


an't I ever just sit down and make an ordinary BEAD that doesn't have SOME damn "foreign" material or other in it? Judging from how fast I go through the metals when making beads, I guess not! (Last night I embedded a piece of 14 kt. gold CHAIN inside a bead.... haven't seen it cooled-down yet, but it might be very interesting, since I put clear dots on top after encasing to magnify it here and there.)

Anyway, seed beads are a giant PITA in my life for most uses, but every now and then, I get in a seed-bead-bead experimental mood. CAVEAT: yes, there MIGHT be something toxic in some of the beads I am using, I don't know, and I use so few of them on a large bead that I don't care..... but YOU may.

They're fun to play with -- make base bead and roll it in seed beads. The ones that claim to be lined with pure gold and copper really ARE! The gold is infinitesimal (though it leaves a TINY bit behind), but there's enough copper in those pretty clear ones with the copper lining to leave an imprint that can look like leaves and foliage if you cook it for awhile.

Some of them cause reduction effects, some disappear into the base bead, ALL of them annoy the heck out of me just trying to keep them from escaping! -- but some create some really nice effects. Like the rod glass we use, seed beads may strike to a totally different color, or might just cause bubbles, or might make GREAT flower centers and the like.

Experiment at your own risk. I'm not worried about COE -- I usually only manage to get about 8 or 10 on the actual bead before I spill the rest of them on the floor!

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